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Thank you for purchasing our theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here.

Table of Contents

  1. Theme Installation
    1. Extracting
    2. Uploading
      1. Via Wordpress
      2. Via FTP
  2. Post Installation
    1. Set page templates
    2. Configure theme links
    3. Setting Menus
    4. Sidebars & Widgets
      1. Creating Sidebars
      2. Managing Widgets
  3. Theme Configuration
    1. Theme Management
      1. General Settings
        1. Header/Footer Logo
        2. Favicon
      2. Sidebar Settings
  4. Additional Options
    1. Contact Page
    2. Post Thumbnails
    3. Read More Tag
    4. Translations
  5. Templates
    1. Accommodation
    2. Features
    3. Homepage
    4. Reservations
    5. Special offers

  1. Theme Installation top

    In order to successfully install our theme you must do following actions:

    1. Extracting top

      After downloading the achive from themeforest, you must extract it.


      After Extraction the archive contains:

      • Documentation;
      • License files;
      • Photoshop files;
      • Screenshots;
      • Theme Files;
      • Changelog;
      • Archived Theme.

    2. Uploading top

      There are 2 ways to upload the theme to your wordpress installation:

      1. Uploading via wordpress top

        Uploading the theme via wordpress is the easiest and faster way.

        You must navigate to Appearance → Themes → Install Themes → Upload


        Now select the archived template from your extracted folder and press install.

        Upload Select

        Now everything should be done.

        Install Complete

        Press activate and your theme is ready to use!

      2. Uploading via FTP top

        To do this you will need a FTP client like FileZilla.
        Connect to your FTP server and navigate your wordpress installation.


        Now locate wp-content/themes/ folder


        Upload the folder called theme from your extracted folder.

        Upload Uploaded

        Now you can navigate to Appearance → Themes in your wordpress administration panel.
        You will see the theme appearing there. Click activate and it is ready to use!

  2. Post Installation top

    1. Set page templates

      Before starting to work with our theme you must create two pages — Homepage and Blog.

      While adding the pages in Pages → Add New you must specify page template in Page Attributes metabox.

      Page Template Selection

      Create both Homepage (specifying Homepage template) and Blog (Default Template).

      Pages Created

      When that is done — navigate to Settings → Reading and set the newly created pages as static pages.

      Pages Set as Static

    2. Be sure to visit Settings → Permalinks page and set the URL to option "Post name".


    3. Setting Menus top

      In order to set up the Top Menu you must visit Appearance → Menus page.
      Create the menu by entering the title of the menu in the field Menu Name and click Create Menu.

      Create Top Menu

      Then activate your freshly created menu by selecting your menu in the dropbox and click Save.

      Activate Top Menu

      And finally you can add some pages to your menu.

      Add pages to Top Menu

      You can also rearrage your menu and create sub-items by simply just clicking and dragging elements.

      Rearrange Top Menu

      1. Creating Sidebars top
      2. In order to add new sidebars you must navigate to Theme Management → Sidebar Settings.

        Sidebar Settings

        You can also order your sidebars simply by clicking & dragging them.

        Sidebar Order

      3. Managing Widgets top
      4. You can manage your widgets in Appearance → Widgets.

        Widget Settings

        Add your widgets by simply clicking & dragging them to to you sidebars.

        Widget Settings

        You can also move your widgets to Inactive Widgets are to temporary disable them without losing any settings.

        Widget Settings

  3. Theme Configuration top

    1. Theme Management top

      Theme management can be accessed from your wp-admin menu.

      Theme Management

      Theme management page has various options like:

      1. General Settings top

        The general settings are for managing global settings and page templates.

        1. In general settings you can upload your Header and Footer logos.

          You can add it by specifying the URL of the image or uploading it from your local computer by pressing Choose File

          General Settings

        2. Favicon top

          You can also upload or specify your favicon which is the small icon in your browser's address bar.
          Simply specify the url of the image or upload it from your local computer.

          General Settings

      2. In Sidebar Settings you can manage your sidebars.

        Sidebar Settings

        You can learn on how to manage your sidebars in Creating Sidebars Section.

  4. Additional Options top

    1. Contact Page top

      You can create your Contact Page in Pages → Add New.
      Be Sure to select the Contact Page Template in Page Attributes.

      In order to use everything that the contact page offers make sure that you:

      1. Add more specified info in Contact Page Content area;
      2. Set up contact form email in Theme Management → General → Contact Form E-mail.
    2. Post Thumbnails top

      Post thumbnails can be selected by clicking on Set Featured Image.
      Follow these steps to learn more.

    3. Read More Tag top

      It is advisable to add Read More tag in every post. Thus on the homepage there will be only the introduction of the post and one will read the post in full only after opening it. It is also advisable to add only a few sentences before this tag, so that the introduction was not too long!

      Gallery Management

    4. Translations top

      Our themes have multilanguage support! You can easily translate it to the desired language by using a free PostEdit program.

      For more information you can visit Translating WordPress.

      The translation files are located in /languages folder in theme's main directory.

      Be sure to specify your language in wp-config.php file.

      WP Config

  5. Templates top

    1. Accommodation top

      You can create your Accommodation Page in Pages → Add New.
      Be Sure to select the Accommodation Page Template in Page Attributes.
      You can choose between 3 Accommodation template styles. In this page you will see all posts that you add in Accommodation section.

      To add new posts in Accommodation you need to go to Accommodation -> Add New

      In order to use everything that the accommodation item page offers make sure that you:

      1. Accommodation icons specified icons in Accommodation Page Style 1 and single page view, hold down Ctrl to select multiple icons;
      2. Gallery will show up just the images you uploaded for the current post. To upload images uz the "Add Media" button.
      3. Special Offer: if you will select this option, then the post will show up in the Special Offers temlate.
      4. Room Features List: alternative for icons, it will show up just in the Accommodation page style 2 and style 3. To add new features write them in the textarea and separate them wit - ";". For example - Internet; Tv; Mini Bar
    2. Features top

      You can create your Features Page in Pages → Add New.
      Be Sure to select the Features Page Template in Page Attributes.

      To add new posts in Features you need to go to Features -> Add New

    3. Homepage top

      You can create your Homepage Page in Pages → Add New.
      Be Sure to select the Homepage Page Template in Page Attributes.

      Homepage supports a drag&drop page builder with custom blocks! Also you can add Layerslider. To add a Layerslider you need to create a new slider with the Layerslider plugin, that is included in the theme! Be sure that you add following settings to the slider - Create a slider with size - 1903x500px and choose borderlesslight skin

    4. Reservations top

      You can create your Reservations Page in Pages → Add New.
      Be Sure to select the Reservations Page Template in Page Attributes.

      Set up the reservation email in the page! To the email you will receive all reservations.

    5. Special Offers top

      You can create your Special Offers Page in Pages → Add New.
      Be Sure to select the Special Offers Page Template in Page Attributes.

      In this page you will see all Accommodation items that you marked as a special offer

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

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